Client Testimonials

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"I highly recommend Kelly Bakes for anyone who is searching for an excellent nutritionist. Kelly was recommended to me by a family member of mine. I am on my third appointment with her and am so excited with the changes in my eating. I can't believe I'm actually enjoying eating vegetables, fish, and grains! I'm feeling proud of myself that I am making intelligent eating decisions. Having more energy is also a real plus, I feel great! It's never too late to change your habits and your health. - Gloria R. >60 yo female


"Kelly, thank you, thank you, thank you. Not only have I grown in my nutritional journey, but also in working on my anxiety and depression. Nutrition is a medicine I never fully understood and now I can honestly say that I am learning and growing. Not only have you designed such a comprehensive and careful nutritional program, but you take the time to follow-up and meet regularly to push me to be the best that I can be. A health & wellness journey is never and easy one, but you have made it more insightful and fun. I only wish I began working with a nutritionist sooner. Thank you for your time and consideration, I am so grateful to be a client at Wayne Nutrition." - Lindsey Davis, 21 yo female


""I met Kelly about a year ago to work on bettering my health and to correct poor eating habits for the long term. I wasn’t exactly sure what it would look like, but It’s been a truly rewarding and great experience. Kelly is a great teacher and helps you understand what good nutrition looks like and crafts a plan that is catered to your needs. She does a great job of thinking of different options for you and lets you try different things. Foods I never thought of are a regular part of my meals that I can’t live without. A nice pace and progression helped me better my vitals and lose around twenty pounds. This is the most energetic I’ve felt and I am almost around my weight when I was in college. Great knowledge and skills I’m going to apply for many healthy years. Thank you, Kelly!" P.R.- 35 yo male


Just a quick note to tell you my exciting news. I had a baby! [in July 2018]

I used a lot of the tips you had given me throughout pregnancy , especially lots of walking, I did 10-15k steps every day , even ran a mile at 41 weeks 😊I only gained 15 lbs and I felt fabulous. I now have a bundle of joy and I am eating lots of nutritious foods to support good breastfeeding. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you, our work together helped me a lot . 

Pregnancy was always one of my biggest fears but i realized its all created by the media and other people’s experiences . I managed my food and exercise and as a result didn’t gain too much and lost pretty fast. Not to mention once that baby came I no longer cared about what I looked like, I have such a profound respect for my body now that it has made a human and is single handedly feeding it 😊 I weighed 133 at my 2 week checkup , on my wedding day I was 125... not half bad if you ask me !"- FS- 32 yo female


"Hi Kelly! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. I had blood work done this week so see where I am with my numbers. My doctor's office just called with those numbers: LDL: 93 (down from 120);  HDL 60s (up from 40-something); Triglycerides 125 (down from 200);Total Cholesterol 184 (down from 240-something)

Planning to stick with my nutritional program to either improve even more on these numbers, or at least maintain at these numbers.

Thanks again! I was very concerned about my elevated levels from late last year. This call just made my day. :-)" -Judy R - 56 yo female


 "I have been on countless diets throughout my life, battled an eating disorder, read numerous books & articles on nutrition and exercise and have never met my goals. Then I met Kelly. For the first time in my life, I like who I see in the mirror. All my time spent in the gym is finally showing. I am seeing muscles in places I have never seen them. I've always known they had to be there! I train hard and have always believed it had to be my food intake that was off, even though I have always eaten pretty clean. I can't thank her enough for giving me the tools to succeed! I know there's not a one size fits all when it comes to diet and exercise, but I have finally found what works for me!" -Anonymous


"'I have never posted about this on FB but today my story comes full circle: A year ago, I walked into my nutritionist Kelly's office at Wayne Nutrition. Little did I comprehend the journey and nutritional education that lied ahead. I was hooked from the first visit with her and embraced the work that went into following her plan. Weight loss was a welcomed side effect but that wasn't my main drive. I was determined and dedicated to completely overhaul my diet mainly for preventive measures from disease that plagues my family. I had to say good bye to white flour (), sugar and processed foods. And hello to meals that included portions of protein, grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts and oils. Today, Kelly came to Keystone as a guest speaker to kick off our new health and wellness program!! I thank Kelly for transforming my eating habits not just "for now" but "forever". My only regret - I didn't start sooner in life." 

- Aimee A (From a client Facebook post that gave permission to share)


"I started working with Kelly in June of 2015, it’s now June of 2016 and to say the results and impact she has had on my life have been life changing is an understatement.  As a former college athlete, I never had any classes on nutrition, what to do in a gym etc…it was more of a fly by the seat of my pants approach post college, now at 37 and in a high paced job, I knew that I needed help.  Which, as everyone knows, is the first step.  When I first met with Kelly my biggest fear was that I would become compulsive, and put myself into an unhealthy mental state.  She quickly got that out of the way and realized, I just wanted to feel good about what I was doing.  Whether it was how I was eating, how my physical appearance looked, to what I was doing in the gym.  I quickly realized this was going to be a lot more then a meeting about how to just eat healthy, and being completely “green” in the world of nutrition,  Kelly didn’t just educate me on this, she worked with me and continues to do so.

She showed me what eating healthy was, how to understand it, what to do in the gym and how it would impact me, and within the first week, I had lost 7 lbs and was starting to by into it.  Here I sit a year later, I have lost 20 lbs, people comment on my personal appearance in a positive way, I have had to have all my suits altered twice, all my business shirts altered, and even have had to by new clothes.  But most of all I have altered how I think about myself, and how great it has been.  Kelly has been one to discuss and help and not push, she truly puts the client first and wants them to feel comfortable about what they are doing,   She is fantastic in that regard and all that she does.  It’s not easy and it takes work, but without her professionalism, client understanding approach and education I would not be where I am today.  I could go on and on, but Kelly has made it fun as well, and everyone knows if something is fun, then good things happen.  I would highly recommend her to anyone." - Grant S.

"Seeing Kelly has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Initially my goal was to lower my cholesterol.  Within several months my cholesterol dropped by around 25% and I have consistently weighed 15% less than when I started.  Her meal and food recommendations became not just habit, but my preferred way of eating.  I recommend anyone see Kelly if nothing more than to learn new ways for a healthier lifestyle." - Dan M.

"Kelly has been a true lifestyle changer for me. My whole life I have been "the bigger guy"; I was an athlete in college and high school but could never get the results I wanted despite my performance. After college and joining the corporate world my eating habits and workout habits went down the drain. While I added back in working out and training over the last year I ballooned to one of my highest weight of 278 in January 2015. When I went on the scale in January it was one of the most depressing moments for me. My wife and my trainer at the Club (Jason) pushed me to see a nutritionist stressing that it did not matter how much I worked out, how I ate would determine everything.

 I first met with Kelly at the end of February 2015, while I had dropped a few pounds from cutting out some of the "junk"; Kelly opened my eyes to focusing on the composition of my meals. While I was now eating healthier, her 3-day intake tracking showed me how lopsided my diet was and where I was eating useless calories such as from cheese and nuts and was missing out on my grains and vegetables. At our second meeting she went through where I was going wrong and how we were going to fix it. I have always been insecure talking about meal choices and weight but her positive vibe provided a comfortable environment that was key to my success.

 With my new plan in hand, I was able to drop into the 220's and loose over 6% body fat between March and June of 2015 and still going. Along the way, Kelly provided constant feedback in emails outside of our sessions which were crucial in helping me stick to the plan and truly changing my lifestyle. Importantly, she helped me learn to deal with being in business dinners and stick with my plan.

I owe Kelly so much to my success and my life. I am happier and more confident now than I have ever been and am achieving goals in fitness I have only dreamed of. Kelly's way works because it is not a diet or a trick or a quick fix, it’s a way to learn how to be a healthy and fit person and achieve your goals through a manageable nutrition plan." - Devin G.

"Kelly Strogen has helped me tremendously in many ways to lose weight and change my eating habits. Her guidance has made me more knowledgeable about the importance of exercise and eating right  I wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding and she helped me achieve my goal weight. Kelly told me that if I could up my vegetables to 5 cups a day, my weight would drop It was key.  She gave me the knowledge to get where I wanted to be and I got there." - Ginni S.

"I am not sure if I have lost weight or not, however, that was got my goal for the classes. Kelly is very helpful and reachable. She responds to emails in a timely manner and truly cares about each patient at an individual level. Kelly has taught me a lot about food- not just my own eating habits but what happens when I consume certain goods. She gives options and helps me document what I should be eating versus what I am eating. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone!!!  I am picky about food and don’t eat things like meat and she has given great vegetarian protein meals ideas.  Kelly is truly professional and a great nutritionist."- Jennifer M.

" Over the past year I have worked with Kelly on my weight loss. Previously, I tried several other plans, but working with Kelly has been the most successful, and more importantly, most sustaining program. I look forward to continuing my weight loss with Kelly's guidance, and to continue with a healthier life style through good nutrition." - Jerry F.

"I am eating much better to help with my diabetes. Her suggestions are always well documented and right on target. I have lost I think around 15 pounds and feel great. I am back exercising and that too makes me feel both physically and mentally more on top of things. Kelly’s very cheerful and positive professionalism is MUCH appreciated. she actually is fun to meet with!" - James W.

"After developing diabetes from a steroid regiment I sought out the advice Kelly. She assisted me in adjusting my diet and becoming educated in how to coordinate my eating with the specific goal of controlling the diabetes through diet only. I’ve been successful for all four years and my levels consistently test in the norm.

 I find her advice to pay exceptional. I have introduced her to many clients where she has done both group and individual presentations. My entire office as well as my family has utilized her services and all have come away much better educated and with specific goals to attain." - Joe V.

"Kelly is an outstanding nutritionist who excels at meeting individual client needs and preferences.   Since working with Kelly, I have not only lost weight and kept it off, but have changed my approach to eating healthfully.  Kelly gave me detailed information on how to eat properly and like it, and options for a variety of foods that will both meet my nutritional needs and keep eating good food enjoyable.  Her well-rounded focus includes exercise guidance and tips and discussions on sleep habits.  Kelly is accessible, easy to talk with, non-judgmental and encouraging.  I have shared information she gave me with others and highly recommend Kelly to anyone who needs assistance getting starting on healthy living or keeping on track.  I started seeing Kelly when I worked near Club La Maison.  I changed jobs and now travel 1 hour (each way) to see her.  I work in a hospital with our own nutrition staff but wouldn’t think of not working with Kelly.  She’s that good!" - Kathy W.

"How to Eat."

 Back Story

Started hitting the gym to loose a little weight and over time found myself in a good routine of working out 5 days a week. The goal was to trim down a little (naturally a focus of the spare tire.) Though a little weight was lost, the weight to exercise effort ratio didn't seem to compute. 

With the exception of leaning towards carbs in meals, I was never one to consume much in the way of 'bad' foods; never cared for cake, chocolate, candy <insert usual suspect here>), - thought I ate relatively healthy and never thought the diet was that all that bad. Eat right and exercise they always say - and here so thought I was eating right and exercising.

Working with Kelly

Decided to see Kelly, and discovered that I never learned 'how to eat.' Growing up was always 'eat your fruits and vegetables,' but nothing beyond and Kelly started teaching me 'how to eat.' Still more to learn, still more to try.

Lost a little over 25lbs (dropped 2 sizes in clothing.) Never thought of myself as "overweight" yet learned there was certainly more weight than recommended. Discovered new arrays of delicious (healthy) foods to truly enjoy. The 5 days a week work out started showing, and provided more motivation to keep setting new goals along the way. There was never a "diet" as much as making more informed choices when eating. Changes are real, sustainable and never feel deprived with the foods from which to eat.


 1) Do not see Kelly unless you have committed to an openness to try new things, to augmenting your daily routine, to learn and to try what the nutritionist recommends.

Will be a fun adventure and one you will appreciate more over time.

 2) Kelly pays attention to the foods you like, so unless you are eating Krispy Cream donuts every morning followed by McDonalds during the day, do not expect any wholesale blanked rule shocking changes to how you eat today. Kelly is considerate in what foods are recommended.

 3) When you make an appointment, be sure to attend the appointment or reschedule at least a day in advance.

 4) Kelly may seem young, but do not let her youth fool you. She knows her nutrition and will be a key resource to help you in achieving your goals." - Anonymous

"All I can say is wow!  I’ve been struggling with my weight for years.  I exercise every day and in the last year I’ve lost 40 pounds.  But I hit a plateau that wouldn’t budge for 6 months.  Education was the key, and reading labels is important too. Creating awareness has been so beneficial.  In less than 3 weeks I lost 6 pounds and feel so much better already. 

 Kelly’s knowledge of how the body reacts to food is off the charts, and her blog has tons of really useful information.   I can’t to wait see the changes ahead…" - MJ D.

"In my process of working with Kelly I dropped from 240 lbs to 200 lbs.  and then with her help kept most of it off.  Kelly did a great job of identifying real weaknesses and problem areas in my eating patterns.  She then thoughtfully developed alternatives both to the food I was eating and the way I was preparing it.  She helped make me aware of things I was doing that added calories with no purpose.  I was able to cut things out of my diet without missing them.  My regular sessions with Kelly also helped me stay focused and accountable.  Kelly was encouraging and motivating without being judgmental." - Sandy H.

"I am honored to trust Kelly as one of the members of my intimate support team. She pairs vast knowledge with a warm personality allowing me to feel safe sharing all challenges, thoughts and questions in a non-judgmental environment. Kelly is available whether I have a quick question or need more attention and always guides me in a positive direction, while enlightening my mind. She is very passionate and this is evident in the attention she places on her career, continued education and personal care. I have and will continue to share Kelly’s information with associates as she is a key part of my personal growth, success and happiness. Thank you Kelly!." - Sara K.

"I've learned so much under Kelly's guidance in terms of my nutrition and just learning to eat healthier. I have now in the last 5 months I've worked with her lost a total of 41 pounds and have not gained back one ounce. I do so much more cardio than I ever did in my life. My physique is changing so much for the better, I am eating healthier, and my mentality is fantastic. Being a Type 2 Diabetic and having high blood pressure, I have been able to drop 2 medications which is a huge accomplishment for me. I have never felt alone, every email gets answered as soon as Kelly gets it and contains the helpfulness I need. I feel so much better about myself and love the help of the people around me. I highly, without a doubt, recommend this service to anyone. Keeping strong is the key to the whole thing."- Michelle F.

"I started seeing Kelly to help lose some weight, but also to help incorporate more veggies into my diet. She has been very helpful with keeping me on track and accountable for everything that I eat. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, I had a far easier time with treatment due in a large part to eating a stable and healthy diet. This fact was supported by my oncologist. Her new whole grain suggestions, grocery store choices, recipes and encouragement- not only during the session, but all year long- have really helped my family and me continue to make nutritious and healthy decisions at home and when dining out."- AMD

"I hesitated for a long time with the decision to work with a nutritionist.  I felt that my diet was already in a good place and that there was not much that an expert could offer that I already didn’t know or read somewhere.  I was dead wrong!  Working with Kelly the past year has been an eye-opening experience.  She took the time to listen to my goals, understand my current diet and exercise regimen, and suggested real-life ways in order for me to make my nutrition plan as strong as it could be.  We talk plainly about diet and food fads/trends as well as other broader nutrition topics   I feel like I’m hitting new fitness goals every other week and my mood and sense of well-being are at an all-time high.  But the best part is that I feel empowered to take what I’ve learned and turn this into my lifestyle for the future.  The only regret that I have is that I didn’t start working with Kelly sooner!" - Reggie R.

" I consulted Kelly because I wanted to lose some weight and develop a more healthy diet. I had recently been unable to drop any weight on my own. My first visit with Kelly taught me that what I always thought was a healthy diet was not necessarily so. Kelly provided me with an

individualized meal plan that was effective immediately along with encouragement of an exercise regime that would work with my busy schedule. Within a few months I met and then exceeded my weight loss goal. My body fat percentage dropped dramatically. I was able to sustain my meal plan through the holidays with no problem and it has become part of my life. I have no desire to return to my prior eating habits. Kelly was knowlegable and professional and the results exceeded my goals. I could have never done this on my own. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who is committed to developing healthy eating habits for life, an exercise program that works for them and excellent results!" - Janet H.

"I finally decided this year was the year I wanted to get healthy and lose the winter weight I've gained over the last several years since my move to the east coast.  I've been a member of Club LaMaison for about 8 years. I've seen Kelly around and made the decision to set up an appointment with her in March of 2015.  

 This was one of the best decisions I've made! Kelly really opened my eyes to my lousy eating habits and helped me to make better choices. I've learned what a real portion of food looks like and how to eat a balanced diet. She put me on a nutrition plan with a specific calorie count and provided me with shopping lists, recipes, and daily food logs to assist me during my quest to a healthier lifestyle. Kelly has always returned my emails and phone calls in a timely manner and has even assisted me over the phone while I was shopping at Wegmans!

 I'm not perfect and still indulge in some of my favorite treats from time to time. However my bad choices are few and far between. I've lost 10 pounds in a slow and steady manner. I hope to lose 5 more and keep them off for the foreseeable future. I'm worried for when the winter months come but I feel like I have a some great tools to stay on the right path!" - HC

"I am so happy I decided to see Kelly. Her credentials are excellent.

My daughter, who is also in the Nutrition field, recommended that I see I did! I've seen Kelly for approximately 3 months.

I am a recently retired teacher for 2 years now. Since retiring, I have gained 15 pounds. A friend commented to me: " Oh you have gained the 'Retirement 15'....' I was so frustrated and upset with myself. I definitely did not want to keep gaining....

Kelly helped me with good nutritious food choices in my diet. She was familiar with my favorite grocery stores, so I could purchase the items recommended with ease.

I really needed to change my attitude about eating and being healthy at age 58.

She gave me recommendations about exercise. You do not have to belong to a gym to get fit. I've lost 7 pounds so far :)

Kelly is a perfect Nutritionist for you if you have a positive attitude, willing to make changes in your lifestyle, and want to GET HEALTHY!" - Karen V.