Corporate Engagements

Healthier employees make for happier and more productive employees. Proper nutrition can decrease sick days and improve the energy, mood, and motivation of your employees. Many health insurance companies will pay for Wayne Nutrition to provide many of the services listed below, so why wait on helping make your employees reach their highest potential?


Kelly is well-versed in public speaking and has provided many "Lunch 'n Learns" on various topics relating to nutrition throughout the years. She can help pick the menu items of food being served and create a seminar on a topic of interest to your employees. 


Wayne Nutrition loves to go out to the community and local businesses to set up a table with information and food samples to help get the public interested in nutrition and the benefits of nutritional counseling.


Many insurance companies want to see their members healthier. As such, many major insurance companies will reimburse for one on one nutrition counseling, and can allow Kelly to come on site to the company to counsel so it's convenient for employees to meet.