Nutritional Counseling Information: Insurances & Packages

~Appointments are mostly available during daytime hours (my early morning, post 4:30pm, and weekend appointments are very limited due to my children's schedules, but I do try to accommodate everyone's schedule when possible.)

Did you know many* insurance plans reimburse 100% for nutritional counseling? I am a provider with the following plans:

Independence Blue Cross (Keystone Health Plan East & Personal Choice)- most plans offer 6 sessions/year [though best to call since some have changed for 2024]


Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO 

Highmark Blue Shield 

Independence Administrators

AmeriHealth Administrators 

Aetna- most plans offer at least 10 sessions/year


United Healthcare

*Always check on your plans specific policy- certain plans are not covered or may require a referral. Medicare plans (65 plans) are typically not covered.

What does Nutritional Counseling Entail?

Generally, the first session is a 45-75 minute evaluation (depending on how much of a story you have to tell) where I ask a variety of questions about your diet, dieting and weight history, lifestyle, health history, food preferences, allergies, etc. so that I can develop the most appropriate recommendations for each individual. From there, you will be asked to keep a detailed log of your diet (explained at the first session) and I go over your diet analysis at the second session. The second session provides invaluable insight into your diet and what you could improve upon. You are then given an activity to focus on making positive changes and thinking about the foods you are eating to make sure you are keeping appropriate balance. The third session may be a check-in session to see how you are doing with the activity, or a meal plan/ideas will be provided at that session. Follow-ups are then scheduled as needed for each individual - some people meet every two weeks while others may come in every two months.

Out-of-Pocket Packages (for those not covered by insurance). Please contact for pricing:

Nutrition Counseling Premium Package-****Most popular option**** Initial evaluation + 3 follow-ups including check-up on plan, diet analysis, and tailored meal plan-  (can also be done virtually for those not in the Philadelphia area). 

New Client Starter Package-  Includes an initial assessment of your nutrition status and needs plus one (30-45 min) follow-up w/ recommendations, goal planning, and diet analysis- 

1 (30 min-45 min) follow-up- A follow-up session to check in on progress [does not include Diet Analysis or Meal Plan sessions]- 

3 Individual follow-ups (~45 min each)- After the diet analysis and meal plan sessions have been covered, this is an option for clients to purchase just to check in and go over their progress- 

Maintenance follow-up Pack (pack of 6 follow-ups, 30 minutes each)-  [does not include Diet Analysis or Meal Plan sessions]

Weigh-ins- This is an option for those who have had success changing their diet and now are in the maintenance period. This is just a weigh-in and quick catch up (<10 min) to keep clients accountable and on track. -4 sessions-

Brief Check-ins- This is similar to the weigh-ins option, though it is a slightly longer session (~15-<20 min) to provide more ideas and to keep you on target with your weight loss and/or nutrition goals. -4 sessions-

Phone check ins- These are brief 5-10 minute conversations done on the phone (ideally weekly) to keep you on track. -6 sessions-

Diet Analysis- Record what you eat for 3 days and I will provide you with just the nutritional analysis and printouts via phone, email, or in person. This option is for those that are busy and do not have time to meet in person or are just curious about the adequacy of their diet. 

5 Day Meal Plan- I will determine the calorie level and a 5 day meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks) based on your food and diet preferences. This meal plan should provide several weeks worth of meal ideas.