My Philosophy

I work with my clients at whatever pace is appropriate for them to make positive changes for their health. Some people jump right into making major changes, while other people just need to start small- maybe work on incorporate some walking or some vegetables each day. Whatever your speed, I will work with you so that you will be successful and see positive results.

I aspire to teach people how to eat for their specific body, so that they never have to go on a “diet” to manage their weight or health condition. I emphasize the importance of whole foods, and recommend my clients follow a mostly plant-based diet for optimal health. Of course, I try to be realistic and do let my clients know they can indulge occasionally, whether it is with alcohol, their favorite homemade meal, or chocolate. I am also a stickler for exercise. I make sure my clients keep physically active and we find ways they can be no matter what their physical state.

Eventually, by working with me, I hope that a client learn to eat "healthy" 90% of the time, but allow themselves to choose maybe not-so-healthy foods 10% of the time. Food should be enjoyable, but not something that you spend the whole day thinking about- you have more important things to think about! If you are eating properly for your body, you will learn to listen to your body for hunger cues and never feel the urge to binge or overeat due to deprivation. I also emphasize the importance of overall well-being and particularly hope that they participate in stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation, or even seeing a therapist. My clients generally experience an increase in energy levels, better sleep, a healthier body image, weight management, and feel significantly better once they learn what foods they need to include and how much each day.